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About Us

The UCVA is a non-profit organization which created the Power League for the purpose of accommodating all skill levels and giving players, parents, coaches, and clubs a quality experience at every tournament. We operate under and are sanctioned by AAU. We have formed this league to create a highly competitive environment in our region where players can improve week after week by playing against great competition. The Power League is fully supported by AAU. To ensure we have consistent and quality playing locations for the teams, we may have to cap enrollment to ensure a quality format. Play in a league where format and rankings are consistent and your team will compete against others of a similar skill level. This league was created with the hope that we can improve the level of play in our region among all clubs and age groups. We provide the same high quality officiating for every age group and level of play. We offer consistent playing facilities, quality referees, and the best-run tournaments in the region. Sign your team up now to have your players get more reps and play more quality volleyball! We hope to see you this year!

    Benefits of the Power League

  • Teams are more evenly matched with their competition to encourage a high level of play at all tournaments

  • Tournament format is set up in a tier formation so teams are playing comparable level opponents more often

  • College coaches attend top matches

  • The winners of each age group in the Power League will receive a bid toward a National Tournament

  • Pool play and tournament play matches are always played best two out of three sets which better prepares the athletes for National Qualifiers and other competitive formats

  • Certified officials are on every court at every tournament

  • Schedule, rankings, and results will be posted online - Coaches, players, and parents can find where you play, who you play, and see results and rankings for the entire league

  • Pool seeding and tournament format are created in a consistent and unbiased manner by a Tournament Director unaffiliated with any specific club

  • There will not be any 5-team pools where you only play matches against two random teams in your pool - 4-team pools are preferred, but 3-team pools with an additional crossover match or 5-team pools where you play all the other teams may be utilized

  • Each location has a Site Director who posts scores and manages the tournament schedule and officials

    Who Qualifies to Participate

The Power League is designed for highly competitive teams of all ages (12-18) who are:

- Looking to compete at the highest level possible.

- Looking to compete in out-of-state National Qualifiers.

Checks can be mailed to:


PO Box 970577

Orem, UT 84097

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