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How will the Power League Work?


The teams in each division will be seeded for the first night of pool play according to how they performed last year and adjusted by a seeding committee made up of all participating Club Directors. We realize that teams do not stay the same from year to year, which is why some changes can be made to the previous year's results. Results from the first night will determine where you play the next morning.


After the completion of the Day 1 Pools, we will do a reseed within Tier 1 based on Match %, Set %, and then Point % within each pool.

The teams will then play another round of pool play and possibly crossover matches (depending on the number of teams in each pool), which will seed them for bracket play. In case of a match % tie, we will follow the guidelines for USA Volleyball National Qualifiers. A team cannot be eliminated from any Gold bracket by point differential; otherwise a single playoff game to 25 must be played.



After completion of Day 2 pools, teams will immediately be placed into a tournament bracket play. 

Bracket sizes will be finalized after the flowchart is completed.

Winners of the Open division of the older age groups (15s, 16s, 17s, and/or 18s) of a Power Elite Qualifying Tournament will earn a wildcard opportunity to play in the next Power Elite Tournament.


After the initial Seeding Tournament, each team will be assigned points associated with where they finished at the tournament. With 48 teams participating, the first place team will receive 48 points while the last place team (48th) will receive 1 point. Each Tournament will be weighted slightly more as the season progresses. Teams will be ranked into tiers based on their previous Power tournament finishes and secondly on total points accrued. Each group will be placed into pools with snaked rankings.

Teams which newly qualify to participate at a Power Elite tournament will be seeded at the bottom unless there are official online results which show they have defeated a higher ranked team or placed higher at another tournament.

After pool play, the top # teams from each pool in their division will move into a bracket, while the bottom # teams from each pool will move into their own bracket.


According to how they finish in bracket play, teams will again be awarded points on their finish. Each Tournament will be weighted slightly more as the season progresses.


After points have been established, the bottom # teams from the bottom bracket, will move down to the next Tier, while the top # teams from the top bracket will move up to the next Tier (depending on the number of participating teams).



Teams will be placed into pools made up of their own age groups and seeded according to their ranking based on points accrued from all the previous tournaments.


Teams will be separated into the Top #, next #, etc. (depending on the number of participating teams) to compete within their own age group.

Winners of the top division in each age group with at least 12 teams competing will win a bid to an AAU National Tournament.


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